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  Pyramid of success

Every coach must discover his own principles which best fit his philosophy of coaching, he needs to create his “Pyramid of Success” as a basis for crystallizing in the minds of his players ...simply the ingredients for success.

The five things that make my Pyramid  of  Success are :
1-     Style  or  System  of  Play                                       
The assistant, my players, the Management and I,  must  work hard  to develop  our own  style, through  careful  planning  and hard work. Perfection can never be attained, but it must be the goal.
2-     Enthusiasm and Discipline               
All Players must be enthusiastic and very disciplined, have great feelings and enthusiasm about town, basketball, coach and fans, they must be ready to listen and to develop proper habits and to break bad ones.

3-     Condition                              
The physical condition is an extremely important part in my philosophy, but we must not forget the mental and moral conditions because mental and moral stability and condition will determine the physical condition and later the game of basketball. Condition is very often the factor in the game, the "joker" that will win a game for you.
4-     Fundamentals          
Fine execution of the fundamentals-base of basketball game is 50 % of our work.
5-     Team Spirit                       
Teamwork and unselfishness is the most important part in modern basketball game, players must be encouraged at every opportunity, and each player must be determines, not just willing, to sacrifice himself and personal glory for the welfare of the spirit is one of the most important basic principles that defend the team from winning teams.

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